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I'm Nicole Gillespie!

One of the most impactful national platforms that Miss America 2.0 has is the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). The Miss Morris Organization works alongside CMN and raises money for the local children's hospital.  In Minnesota, specifically, it is for the Gillette's Specialty Healthcare. Gillette's Speciality Healthcare focuses on helping children who suffer from complex conditions, rare disorders, and traumatic injuries. The money I rise will go to support Gillette's Speciality Healthcare and to the Miss America Scholarship Fund. 

Donating will not only impact another child but will also impact you, the donator knowing you have positively impacted another life.   Click the "Donate Now" button to secure a donation. Donations can be anything from twenty five cents to hundreds of dollars, and amount will help change lives! My goal is to rise at least $100 for the CMN. With your help, I can reach my goal, and together we can change children's lives.

Thank you so much for your support and for teaming up together to make dreams come true!

Nicole :)

Nicole Gillespie


of the $350.00 goal
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